Big Changes at LTEF

Big Changes at LTEF The Lake Thunderbird Educational Foundation Annual Meeting by Roger Elliott, President The Lake Thunderbird Educational Foundation added two new members to its board of directors at the annual meeting. The members are David Gray and Glede Holman. Neither of these individuals are strangers to the BoatHouse and BH mission. David became […]

Program – Saturday, Feb 16

Program: “Know your Sheet from a Bowline on a Yawl” Saturday, February 16 Back again by popular demand, it’s time for the 2nd Annual Lake Thunderbird Sailing Club Trivia Contest! Test your sailing knowledge with trivia questions, sailing history, and general sailing know how. Join in the laughs and the fun, impress your friends and […]

Monthly Meeting, January 19, 2019 at 6:00PM

Program: “Luffing it up with roaches and leeches with smart pigs, scallops, heads and telltales” by Phil Moershel Most boats get delivered with two sails, which is really all you need. Or is it? There are so many other sails out there that can be deployed to cover a range of wind conditions. Learn about […]