BoatHouse Rentals

floorplanThe BoatHouse can be rented for mission-related activities when not occupied with consortium member programs. There is a large conference room with adjacent kitchen, an office, small conference room (library), restrooms with showers, and a veranda facing the lake.


For further information or assistance contact the BoatHouse Manager at 447-4974. Rates may change without notice and are for single event use.

Main conference room (up to 50 people) with restroom access

Basic Rate Damage & Cleaning Deposits
Full Day * $200 $100
Half Day * $100 $100

* Full day 9 AM – 9 PM, half day 4 hours (9am-noon, 1pm until 5pm, or 6pm until 10PM)
Additional hours are $50 per hour, not later than 11PM

Use of the kitchen is included in the fee structure but must be arranged in consultation with the BoatHouse Manager.

Rental of the small conference room or the deck only, will be negotiated on a per case basis. Also, access to the dock will be arranged through the BoatHouse manager on a per case basis.

Reservations should be made as early as possible to insure availability. All fees must be paid at the time of reservation. A $50 cancellation fee if reservation is cancelled within 7 days from the scheduled rental date. Cancellations due to icy or dangerous travel conditions will be refunded in total, less 50% of the cleanup deposit, which shall be retained as a handling fee. Agreement as to travel conditions must be jointly agreed to with the BoatHouse manager. The BoatHouse manager will make final determination.

Damage & Cleaning deposits will be returned, less any damage or cleaning fees, within 10 days of the rental.
The person signing the agreement shall be liable for any damages occurring during the rental period.

Alcoholic beverages must conform to State Park regulations and no glass beverage bottles are allowed without the BoatHouse manager’s permission.

The BoatHouse will provide tables and chairs to accommodate up to 50 people. Restroom paper and towels are provided. Audio/visual, sound equipment, and projection equipment are available for rental. If the kitchen is used, renter provies kitchen and table ware, utensils and serving equipment.

Renters must have a BoatHouse partner or employee open and close the facility. A walk-through of the facility prior to closing to review for obvious damage or problems is mandatory but not the final determination for refunds of deposits.