Keelboat Class Weekend 1of 2

Date: October 20, 2017
Time: 6:00 pm  to  9:00 pm

Contact Phil Moershel, US Sailing Instructor..see Learn to Sail

The Lake Thunderbird BoatHouse
at Norman, Oklahoma
Presents the Fall 2016
US Sailing Basic Keelboat Course
An opportunity for individuals who want to improve their sailing skills
and achieve a nationally recognized certification on big boats
1. Opportunity to learn how to sail 22 foot sail boats at a local lake
2. US Sailing Certification provides a record of your skill level.
3. Synchronizes your experience with a proven sail training course.
4. An accomplishment for yourself that can last a lifetime.
Individuals eager to learn or reinforce big boat sailing techniques and obtain a US Sailing certification recognized at boat charter facilities nationwide.
When and Where…
2 Friday evening classes (6-9pm) October 7 & 21 @ Lake Thunderbird BoatHouse
Then at least 2 four hour on the water sessions on a 25 or 27 foot sailboat.
$300 – US Sailing course fee, Includes a 1 year US Sailing membership $65,
and a one year Thunderbird Sailing club Associate membership.
Topics covered:
Parts of a boat (nomenclature)
Parts of a sail & choice per wind speed
Points of sail
How to handle heat & cold emergencies
Basic rules of the road
Upwind & downwind sailing skills
How to read charts
Anchoring, heaving to, reefing sails
Commonly used knots
PFDs & other personal gear
What’s next?
This is the entry level US Sailing Keelboat class. There are five more advanced courses available around the country. More information is available on US
For additional information contact:
Phil Moershel, Keelboat Instructor 405-208-1532,