Learn to Sail

Learn to Sail at Lake Thunderbird 2019 Schedule


Spring Basic Keelboat

Ages 16 and up


April 18, 25, & May 2,  6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Boat House. In addition, 2 days of 4 hours on water at a time to be determined by the class and instructors

(Fall Class to be announced later)

Online enrollment and PayPal available
Phil Moershel
Paul Reynolds

Adult Small Boat

Ages 14 and up

July 9, 10, 11, 12, from 5-9 pm,

and Saturday, July 13, 8-4 pm

Mary Anne Secrist

Beginner Camps

“Sailing Smart”
Kids Summer Camp
Ages 9 – 13


Contact Jerry to be put on waiting list!

June 3 – June 7, 2019
9:00 am til 3:00 pm
Note: Max class size is 12 students

Online enrollment and PayPal available

Jerry Lojka

Beginner Camps

“Sailing Smart”
Kids Summer Camp II
Ages 9 – 13


Contact Phil to be put on waiting list!

June 17- June 21, 2019
9am til 3pm
Note: Max class size is 12 students

Online enrollment and PayPal available

Phil Moershel
Intermediate Sailing
“Sailing Better”
Ages 9 – 14

June 25-27 2018 9am til 3pm
Skill progression and intro to racing

Online enrollment and PayPal available

Paul Reynolds
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  1. These one-week programs will teach beginning sailing in our new RS Tera and RS Zest fleet. No previous sailing or boating experience required.  Student learn the safe, responsible way to rig, launch and sail small boats, while improving their self-confidence, coordination and teamwork. Our all-volunteer instructors are certified by U.S. Sailing and follow nationally recognized standards.
  2. Classes run 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Monday thru Friday. Kids bring their own PFD, lunch and drinks.   $200.
  3. Students are encouraged to repeat the class a second year. Third year students should take the “Sailing Better” Intermediate Camp.
  4.  For more information contact: Jerry Lojka 405-620-4498 or Phil Moershel 405-208-1532
  5. The 2019 season will be the 18th year of The BoatHouse’s nationally recognized program graduating over 400 youth from Norman and surrounding communities.
  6. Prerequisite is the ability to swim 50 feet. Graduates receive awards and certificates at a ceremony for parents and friends on Friday, the last day of camp. Scouts may receive the sailing merit badges.
  7. Register and pay online, or Mail check to Lake Thunderbird BoatHouse, PO Box 1652, Norman, OK 73070-1652.  You may also bring check with you on the first day of class.  But be sure to confirm with the primary instructor of your class.


Intermediate Sailing: CLASS LIMITED TO 12 STUDENTS  

  1. The Sailing “Better” Intermediate Camp – Ages 9-14.
  2. Three days of instruction build on the knowledge and skills learned in the Sailing Smart Camp. Students will improve sailing on all points of sail, especially upwind. They will be introduced to racing, including the rules, the start, and sailing the course.
  3. Weather permitting we will take a longer destination sail. Boats may include prams, Lasers, RS Tera, RS Zest, the American and Harbor 14 sloops, and perhaps a larger keelboat.
  4. Instructors are US Sailing Small Boat and Basic Keelboat certified.
  5. Classes run 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Tuesday – Thursday.   $150.
  6. For more information contact:  Paul Reynolds 405-250-2093
  7. Prerequisites:  Sailing Smart Camp or equivalent.
  8. Ages 9-14 year-old. Camp members should be able to float or tread water for at least 1 minute and swim 50 feet. Campers must have a well-fitted life vest, worn when on the waterfront, dock, or boat. Please bring a sack lunch, water bottle, and sunscreen.


Adult Small Boat Class:

  1. Ages 14 and up. No sailing experience required. Students will learn the basics of sailing including how to rig, launch, steer, and trim sails. Teaching boats include RS Tera, Sunfish, Laser and American 14.6. Classroom and online learning will supplement on-the-water instruction. Class is limited to 8 students. $200
  2. Taught by US Sailing Small Boat Level I Certified Instructor.
  3. For more information contact:   Mary Anne Secrist  405-410-8582


Keelboat Class:

  1. LEARN TO SAIL on our O’Day 24(Shamrock) and Capri 22.
  2. For age 16 and up, no sailing knowledge required. This class leads to US Sailing Basic Keelboat certification. Six students maximum.
  3. Spring 2019 classroom sessions will be held Thursday nights April 18, 25, and May 2,  6:00 – 8:00 PM.
  4. Dates for eight hours on-the-water training will include April 21, 22, 27, 28, or May 4 and 5, weather permitting.
  5. Taught by US Sailing Basic KeelBoat Certified Instructors.  $300.
  6. For more information contact:   Phil Moershel 405-208-1532

For more  on certification courses see – US SAILING CERTIFICATION COURSES