Hiram Douglas Deed of Gift


(As of 11/83; modified 2/91; 2/97; 2/01; revised 10/14/02 jap)

Lake Patrolman Hiram Douglas was a long-time friend of the Thunderbird Sailing Club. Upon his death in 1983, the Thunderbird Sailing Club deemed it appropriate to dedicate a regatta to Patrolman Douglas.

  1. The Hiram Douglas Memorial Regatta is held annually in the first half of November. It is meant as an end-of-campaign event.
  2. The event is composed of a single long-distance race.
  3. The event is an open event. Weather and safety considerations may influence the type and size of boats invited to participate in any given year. The Notice of Regatta shall specify the type and length restrictions and fleets that shall apply. A reasonable fee defraying costs of amenities and trophies will be collected with any surplus funds going to support the TSC racing program
  4. Trophies will be awarded to winning skippers in each fleet and to placing skippers as specified in the Notice of Regatta.
  5. The Hiram Douglas Perpetual Trophy will be award to the skipper of the boat having the lowest corrected time in the largest fleet. In the event of two or more equally sized fleets, and unequal course lengths, the trophy will be awarded to the boat with the lowest corrected time in the fleet sailing the longest course.
  6. The Hiram Douglas Perpetual Trophy will “travel” with the winning skipper each year. The trophy remains the property of the Thunderbird Sailing Club. Each winner of the trophy is to serve as its steward during the year following its award. The Thunderbird Sailing Club is responsible for maintaining the trophy and for providing an engraved plaque with the year and the skipper’s name, to be attached to the trophy. The trophy is to be returned to the Thunderbird Sailing Club elected officers prior to the succeeding Hiram Douglas Memorial Regatta