Most Improved Deed of Gift


(As of 2/90; modified 2/97)

The Most Improved Sailor award was established in 1990 by the Executive Committee of the Thunderbird Sailing Club, to recognize the sailor whose sailing abilities have improved the most over the past year. The award is a silver cup donated by Vesta and Charles Gettys, and is engraved “Thunderbird Sailing Club – Most Improved Sailor.”

  1. The selection of the most improved sailor shall be made by the Fleet Captain in consultation with the Race Protest Committee. The Fleet Captain may rely upon input from other Thunderbird Sailing Club members in making the selection.
  2. The cup will be awarded at the end of the season, traditionally at the Holiday Party.

The cup shall remain the property of Thunderbird Sailing Club. The winner is to retain the cup for the year following it’s presentation. The Fleet Captain will be responsible for obtaining the cup from the winner and returning it to the Executive Committee prior to the next awards ceremony. This cup will not be engraved with the name of the winner each year. Thunderbird Sailing Club is responsible for maintaining the cup.