SNAFU Trophy Deed of Gift


(As of 2/91; modified 11/2007)

The origin and initial intent of the Chief Thunderbird Trophy remains shrouded in mystery, the trophy has been used to recognize superb skill in running aground at critical times in critical situations, breaking masts, blowing sails, buying a whole set of new sails and still finishing last, and other similar feats of skill. However, the cup may also be awarded to show appreciation for service to the Thunderbird Sailing Club.

  1. The elected officers will select the winner of the trophy, depending primarily on the input of the Fleet Captain.
  2. The very nature of the trophy mandates that the winner be made fully aware, by public announcement, why they are receiving the award.
  3. The trophy will be awarded at the end of the sailing season, traditionally at the Holiday Party.

The trophy remains the property of the Thunderbird Sailing Club and is retained in stewardship by the winner until returned to the Fleet Captain in November of the ensuing year. The ThunderbirdSailing Club is responsible for maintaining the trophy.