Sportsmanhip Deed of Gift


(As of 6/92; modified 2/97)

DESCRIPTION: The award shall be presented annually to the Thunderbird Sailing Club member who best exemplifies good sportsmanship while observing United States Sailing Association and Thunderbird Sailing Club rules. The nominees shall exhibit a willingness to share their sailing experience and knowledge with their colleagues and competitors alike. They shall encourage participation in the sport and membership in the Thunderbird Sailing Club. The award also recognizes their promotion and observance of marine safety. The award will be conferred for the calendar year, starting January 1 through the final Thunderbird Sailing Club regatta for the year (The Hiram Douglas Regatta).

THE AWARD SHALL CONSIST OF: A plaque from the US Sailing Association, which will have the person’s name permanently engraved. This plaque will remain the property of the Thunderbird Sailing Club, but may be kept in stewardship by the winner until the subsequent year’s winner is selected. If a permanent facility for the Thunderbird Sailing Club is constructed, the award will be permanently displayed in the building. In addition to the plaque, the winner will also receive a framed certificate from the US Sailing Association.

ELIGIBILITY: Skipper’s eligibility for nomination for the award shall include those skippers, Thunderbird Sailing Club members, who have qualified for the Thunderbird Sailing Club Commodore’s Cup during the racing season. In addition to the qualifying skippers, any member of the Thunderbird Sailing Club could be nominated. e.g. a crew, or non-boat owner who regularly participates in Thunderbird Sailing Club activities, and shares his/her knowledge with others.

The winner of the award shall not be eligible for the award during consecutive years.

The elected officers, as defined in the By-Laws, (Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary , Treasurer and Fleet Captain) shall not be eligible during the year in which they serve.

NOMINATION PROCESS: A call for nominations will be made via the October edition of the Mainsheet.. Nominations, with comments attached, must be submitted in writing, and signed by the nominating member. Nominations must be received no later than the Hiram Douglas Regatta and shall be mailed or forwarded to the Secretary, or any of the elected officers.

SELECTION PROCESS: The Secretary will be responsible for forwarding the nominees to the Commodore. The elected officers will make the final selection from those nominated.

PREPARATION OF THE CERTIFICATE AND PLAQUE: It is the responsibility of the Vice-Commodore to have the certificate appropriately printed and the plaque engraved per instructions from the elected officers.

PRESENTATION OF CERTIFICATE AND PLAQUE: It is the responsibility of the Vice-Commodore to obtain the plaque in November from the previous winner and have the new winner’s name engraved. The winner of the award from the previous year will make the presentation at the annual Holiday Party. If the winner, or his/her representative is not present, the Commodore will make the presentation.