Summer Open Deed of Gift


(As of 10/91; modified 2/97)

The Thunderbird Summer Open Regatta is an annual event traditionally held in the month of June. The event is to be a two-day event consisting of two, short-course races and a long distance race. The event is to be an open event.

  1. Monohull classes are to compete unless multihull classes are specifically permitted in the Notice of Regatta. Fleets will be grouped as specified in the Notice of Regatta.
  2. A fee will be collected from participants to defray the costs of amenities and trophies. Any surplus funds that are generated are to be used to support the Thunderbird Sailing Club racing program.
  3. Trophies will be awarded to fleet winners and to placing skippers as specified in the Notice of Regatta.
  4. The skipper of the “best performing” boat competing in the event will be awarded the perpetual trophy. “Best performing” is defined as that boat having the lowest total points in a fleet of no less than four (4) boats. Ties will be broken in favor of the boat with the lowest cumulative corrected time on equal courses.
  5. The trophy is the property of Thunderbird Sailing Club. It will be held in stewardship by the winning skipper until the succeeding year; at which time, it will be returned to the elected officers of Thunderbird Sailing Club. Thunderbird Sailing Club is responsible for providing an engraved plaque with the year and skipper’s name to be attached to the trophy and for maintaining the trophy.