35th Annual Hiram Douglas Memorial Regatta!

TSC’s 35th annual Hiram Douglas Memorial Regatta!

With PRO Gary Sander’s good work along with his team of Fredrica, Kerry and others aboard the committee boat, the “Jerry L” we had a terrific day! It was made all the better having Hiram’s Granddaughter, Carla Pryor Smith and family in attendance!! It was also terrific to have John and Gus Potts come by, they have been such great members over the years!

Nice 8-12kts of wind at the start but the wind fell to a drifter at the end. But the race committee and mark boats (Steven English aboard the Skiff and David Gray and Scott Stewart aboard the Eny Sr.) did a nice job of shortening the race as required.  It was great having members of Hiram’s family attend as well as long-time members John and Gus Potts!

1st place: Bill Etchieson
2nd place: Shawn Cina
3rd place: Walt Hedrick

1st place: Jim Eller
2nd place: Gray Graham
3rd place: Jim Waller/David Craigie

1st place: Camisa Stewart Cummings
2nd place: Judy and Wyatt Chapman
3rd place: Doris and Ed Shoemaker

Photos can be found here