How to use the Mast Raiser Pole at T-bird

For over 20 years now, there has been a mast raiser pole located at Hog Creek boatramp parking lot. The 40′ pole has a steel arm with a block at the end that can be used to raise and lower large sailboat masts. For years we have been replacing a small painter that is used to thread the boatowners line through the block that will raise and lower the mast. Some users of the pole do not rethread the painter which requires us to contact the Oklahoma Electric Cooperative to send a crew to the lake to pull a new painter through the block again. To solve this problem with have purchased a small stainless steel vinyl covered cable for the mast raiser. It has been pulled through the block and crimped so it is a continuous cable. THE CABLE IS ONLY TO BE USED TO PULL ‘YOUR’ 3/8′ OR 1/2″ LINE THROUGH THE BLOCK.

Center the end of the arm/block over your boat, attach one end of the line just beneath the spreader to remove or set the mast. The other end of your line can be pulled through a block on your boat and using one of your winches you can wind the mast up to set it or lift it off the mast-step and then lower it. Once you are done, simply pull your line back through the block and the steel cable will remain through the block for the next user.

Be sure to tie off the steel cable on the pole some 6′ to 8′ above ground so people dont try to break it.

Photo one shows the pole
Photo two shows the arm with the block
Photo three shows where the steel cable is tied to the pole when not in use

Here's the pole at Hog Creek boat ramp.

Here’s the pole at Hog Creek boat ramp.

Here's the arm with the turning block

Here’s the arm with the turning block

Here's the cable attached to the pole when not in use.

Here’s the cable attached to the pole when not in use.