TSC/BoatHouse Sailing School boat upgrade plan! WE NEED YOUR HELP!


The Lake Thunderbird BoatHouse sailing instructors have presented a plan to upgrade the teaching fleet.  After much research into various manufacturers it has been decided that the two boats that fit our needs are the RS Tera, a one-person 9’ sloop weighing 86 lbs with a 4’ beam and the RS Zest which is a 1-3 person 12’ sloop weighing in at 150 lbs with a 5’ beam. They are self-bailing and reefable making them excellent in heavy air.  The TSC, BoatHouse and LTEF have approved the project!

To kick off the fundraising, the TSC and BoatHouse have contributed a total of $8,000 with a matching donation from the LTEF.  Approximately 200 “Ask” letters have been mailed to TSC members, adult sailing students and parents/guardians of the kids sailing camp students.   In addition, the LTEF will sell approximately 20 of the old boats including 8 dinghies, several sunfish and other boats not suitable for our programs.  If interested or know of someone who may be interested in purchasing a boat for personal use, contact Les Cummings.  Keep in mind that personal boats cannot be stored at the BoatHouse per our contract with the State and BOR.

An order for 8 RS Teras and 4 RS Zests has been placed with KO Sailing of Seabrook, Texas and the required 50% down payment has been made.  The fundraising goal is $50,000 which will also cover additional supplies, equipment and upgrades to our boat racks and other storage systems.

At least monthly we will publish and up-to-date fundraising report.  The following is how we stand as of 10/12/18, these donations include two full RS Zest contributors and one Pledge for a Zest, also one RS Tera contributor and two ½ RS Tera pledges. This means that we only have one RS Zest available with naming privileges!

DONATIONS IN HAND:  $32,050      PLEDGES:  $8,100     TOTAL:    $40,150    80% OF $50k goal!